A Crazy Busy Day

What Did I DO On Day 16 and Day 17

Trying to build an online business and keeping a regular job with the busyness of family, looking after pets, sports activities, and all the different pickups and drop offs, can be a real juggling act.  If anything goes wrong – it makes the entire day an event of scrambling to stay on top of your schedule, trying to not forget someone waiting by themselves for countless hours.  Thankfully due to modern technology all our kids have phones so things stay a little more calm when the car breaks down or I get stuck in traffic.

Back home and sitting in front of the laptop trying to look at the next task in our journey as an affiliate. So here we are on Day 16. Start of Phase 2 – But I am distracted by a problem I am noticing on my website.

Everything is SO SLOW

Day 16 – I am noticing a considerable amount of lag time on loading my pages for the website.  There can be a number of issues which can cause this, from an issue on my laptop, the local internet connection, the images on my site not being compressed, the theme, plugins and so many more possibilities.  I decided to roll up my sleeves and find the problem.

Day 17 – I have found the problem with my website being slow and I have corrected the problem.  I am spending most of the day laying out a strategy for building content on the website.  I am building out topics and subtopics for different content that I intend to build for the site.  Okay back to the tasks at hand and working on Phase 2 of Bootcamp here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketer – Day 18

The journey continues as we go through the material in phase 2.  None of the tasks are difficult but to create quality content it takes some time to generate.

Phase 2 covers
  • More on creating content
  • Creating more reviews of products
  • Good website construction
  • Using internal links properly
  • Adding bonuses to our offer

Phase 2 focuses on building out our website with more content and doing it in a way that google likes and rewards.

I have completed sections 1 & 2 and I am currently finishing off section 3.  One of the tasks here is to create another piece of content for the site.  I will be finishing that off today and be ready for section 4 tomorrow.

Phase 2 – What I Like
  • Training is simple and easy to follow
  • Tasks are easy
  • There is ongoing help at every lesson and help with each task
  • Giving ideas on how to create different content
Phase 2 – What I Do Not Like
  • Tasks may be simple but can take a considerable amount of time if you are doing this yourself.
  • Not learning much – simply pushing to produce content

Topics That Need More Explanation

In Phase 1 and Phase 2 there are many pieces, parts or sections within the training at Wealthy Affiliate that are missing and leave unanswered questions. The reason they do this is to keep the training simple and focused on getting you results as quickly as possible. They do not want people to get side tracked by some unimportant task or wasting time on things that make no difference in your business.

I agree that taking action and getting things done is absolutely key to acquiring success.  This is about building your content to acquire authority and to get noticed by the search engines.


I do believe that it would be helpful to cover some things that can hurt your business in the future. I have made a list of some topics that I will be covering to help clear up some of these issues and questions.

  • Picking a Fast WordPress Theme
    • This is important because Google uses website speed as one of the parameters in determining if your website is going to rank on their search engine. Your website load speed can impact your users enjoying your content or simply leaving because your site is too slow.
  • How to test our website speed
    • Not only do you need to know how to test your website speed, you need to know how to make the necessary changes to allow your website to have the desired speed.
  • How to test your plugins to see if they are causing your website to be slow in loading.
    • It is not just the number of plugins that could be the problem but the load time of these plugins.
  • How to do proper Keyword Research and analysis
    • As much as I like Jaaxy as a keyword research tool, I think you need to do more to verify the results of Jaaxy.  Jaaxy uses the number of pages that are competing for the keyword term, but is that enough to determine a great keyword?
    • This is important because the last thing you want to be doing is to be creating content that no one will ever see. We want to target keywords that are relevant to our topic and subject matter but also have low competition and have decent search volume (traffic).
  • Creating a Content Strategy
    • How to improve on writing content for your website.  What makes your content valuable and what you can do to build a strategy for building quality content.

That is it for Day 18 in our Journey to become an Affiliate Marketer

Let me know if you have any comments – I will respond.



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