If you are just starting your journey to build your online business or you are simply looking for opportunities online, then you are in the right place.  Our goal is to help you succeed online - to give you the knowledge, and show you the tools you will need to move forward and make your dreams come true.


The WHAT and HOW to Make Money Online

There are two elements that we need to establish in order to build an online business.  By WHAT method are we going to use to make money online - and HOW are we going to implement this into our online business.  The WHAT method to use, could be affiliate marketing, selling services, or selling physical products online.  The HOW we implement this to make money online could be by blogging, using a YouTube channel or by using paid advertisements with sales funnels.  So the "WHAT and HOW to make money online are numerous as there are many combinations that can be used to successfully build an online business.  Some are complex, quick to implement but expensive to set up while others are simple but require time and effort to see the results.

Rather than trying to learn about them all at once - which would cause confusion and overload - we are going to start by concentrating on a simple mehod and a simple implementation.   This method and implementation has a small up front cost to start, it is easy to implement but takes time and effort to see results.  The best thing about this method is that when done correctly, it will give lasting results.




WHAT to do to make money online = Affiliate Marketing
HOW to make money online = Blogging is used to implement Affiliate Marketing.


Please skip this intro if you are far and advanced in your understanding of building an online business and internet marketing.

BUT if you are just starting your journey of building an online business - then this is for you..........


Before a child is can learn to walk they must first learn to crawl  &  The first steps of a child are the hardest.  To begin learning the more complex methods of marketing would be like trying to teach a child complex mathematical integrations before they had learned simple addition and subtraction.



The What Method To Use To Make Money Online

WHAT = Affiliate Marketing                 DIFFICULTY = (3) - Easy

Okay, so you are building your business online with WHAT?  We suggest starting with "affiliate marketing." The reason  affiliate marketing is so great is that it pays well and there is no support needed from you after the sale.

  • You are not creating the product or providing the services
  • You are simply the storefront/salesperson (publisher) who shows the benefits of a product to an audience.
  • If a sale is made, you are paid a commission based on the price of the item sold.
  • Your main purpose is to find people on the internet who are interested in a merchant's product.
  • Your other goal is to build enough trust and authority with your audience that they listen to what you are saying.
  • Once the sale is completed - all the responsibility for the product goes to the merchant.
  • There are many affiliate programs and affiliate networks in most niches.


The Implementation Of How To Make Money Online

HOW = Building a Blog + One Social Media Channel               DIFFICUTLY = (6) - Time Consuming

Now for the HOW.  How are we going to find people interested in our promotions and allow us to build trust and authority with our audience?  We are going to be creating quality content for our website and for our social media channel.  The content we create will be used to build an authority blog, while the social media channel will be used to bring more traffic to the website while helping to build trust.  On this blog, we will do product reviews and give insights on why these products are worth purchasing.  The core of everything that we are doing should center around being helpful to those who are engaging with our content.  Being helpful and giving useful advice, will eventually lead to more sales.


Steps To Building Your Online Business - Affiliate Marketing with a Blog

  • Pick your niche.
  • Learn to understand your audience.
  • Pick One Social Media Platform where your audience is active.
  • Build yourself a Website - Blog
  • Build a Social Media Channel, where your audience is active.
    • Facebook = FB Group
    • YouTube = YouTube Channel
    • Pinterest = Pinterest group board
    • ..................
  • Start creating quality content.
    • Be consistent with adding new content.
    • Use good SEO on your Blog.
    • Bring helpful information to your audience on social media and on the blog.
  • Send traffic to your promotions.
  • Use landing pages to build an email list.
  • Build yourself a marketing funnel.


There are many details that have not been included here as they are not important at the moment.  Start with creating a blog and creating quality content for your blog.  Use good on page SEO and pick the right keywords for your content.  Once you are consistent in your content creation, you can start adding the social media elements and gradually build your business with time and consistent effort.



Watch the video below as it gives a good overview of the type of content needed when blogging to build an online business.

The video here is produced from "INCOME SCHOOL", they have a great YouTube channel on the subject of blogging as a business.  I will talk about this later - but first watch the video.


To learn more of the details please click on the link below and hopefully we will see you on the next step.



The Process of Online Marketing