In this Wealthy Affiliate Review we will be looking at how this “product” can benefit you on your journey to having success online. We will use the following criteria for rating Wealthy Affiliate for value and usefulness.

  • Does Wealthy Affiliate deliver on what is being promised?
    • Quick answer – They over-deliver in some areas and under deliver in others.  They get my rating of 80% on the delivery of promises.  We will look at this in more detail below – Also look at our “Wealthy Affiliate scam report“.
  • Are the costs of the product warranted?
    • Quick answer – This is a great product overall and I think anyone who understands what is being offered would not let this offer pass them by!   There is a large amount of value inside Wealthy Affiliate but you need to know how to take advantage of this system.
  • Will this product be supported for the long term?
    • Quick answer – Wealthy Affiliate was created in 2005 and has been growing ever since. It will be here and be well-supported for a very long time.
  • Is this product useful?
    • Quick Answer – This community and what it offers is priceless and anything that is comparable usually costs thousands of dollars to join. This review can only touch on the value and usefulness of the Training + Tools + Support + Expertise + Community. This is all extremely useful for anyone trying to grow an online business.
  • Who is this Product for?
    • Quick Answer – This product can be utilized by everyone – from advanced marketer to the person who is just starting out.  There are problems with Wealthy Affiliate and we will look at this in more detail below – Also look at our “Wealthy Affiliate Scam Report“.
  • Are there any guarantees?
    • Quick Answer – The guarantee is that the Tools, Training and Support are kept at a high level of performance and quality. Unfortunately like everything if we do not take advantage of what is in this package we can still fail. It still takes work and daily action to succeed – there is no magic here for instant success.
  • What is negative about the product?
    • The CORE training is very narrow and focused on a singular path.
      • Create a Blog
      • Create Reviews
      • Promote Products
    • The Core Training seems old and dated and does not deviate from this singular path.
    • Very little training on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest


WEALTHY AFFILIATE – Overview & Rating is 4.3 Stars ****
  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners: Kyle & Carson
  • Website URL:
  • Membership Levels: Free (limited access), Premium Membership ($49/month or $359/year)

Quick Description – Wealthy Affiliate(WA) is SO much more than a Training & Membership site. A typical online training site will give you the core training + a weekly or monthly live session + an online area to communicate questions and request help. WA envelopes you into a community of like minded people that helps and encourages you on your journey.  They give you all the Training in a series of recorded lessons and a set of tasks are given at the end of each lesson.  You can watch your progress as you complete all of these tasks.  When you have questions or difficulties there are at least 4 different channels to get help inside Wealthy Affiliate.  WA gives you all this support and help plus they provide most the tools to help you get the job done better.

Here is a list of what is included in your WA membership:

  • Training: Extensive – Covers from beginner to advanced Online Marketing RATING – 3.5
  • Support – Quick, Responsive and Helpful RATING – 4.0
  • WordPress Hosting – FAST with powerful servers RATING – 5.0
  • WA Domains – Includes – Privacy Protection, SSL Certficate,
  • Email Accounts, Premium DNS, all for 1 flat rate RATING – 5.0
  • Link Tracker – Track your traffic for your campaigns RATING – 3.0
  • Keyword Tool – Find Keywords for Content & Evaluates Competition RATING – 5.0
  • Website Builder – Helps build WordPress Sites quickly RATING – 3.0
  • Website Extras – Includes – SiteSpeed, SiteProtect, SiteComments,
    SiteFeedback, SiteSupport                RATING – 5.0
  • Community – Responsive and Helpful with 800,000+ members RATING – 4.0
  • Affiliate Program – Fantastic way to make money while you learn RATING – 5.0
  • Learning Environment – A Safe Place to Learn – No Money Grabs Rating – 5.0
  • OVERALL RATING for WEALTHY AFFILIATE is 4.3 – It is not perfect and can still improve – however there is not anything out in the market that offers the wealth of value for the money like Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s look at the real world value

  • Training, Courses and Weekly live training’s – Value = $97 / month
  • Premium WordPress Hosting – Value = $29/month
  • Keyword Tool – Value = $39/month
  • Website Builder & Extras – Value = $29/month
  • To have Access to such a Powerful Community of experts – Value = $97/month

TOTAL VALUE = $291/month – and that is a very conservative estimate.
A More realistic valuation would be closer to $399/month

That is INSANE Value for a mere $49/month – BUT Wait there is more, if you purchase the Yearly membership at $359/year that works out to $29.92/month

WAIT – and to top it all off you get a generous affiliate program that will have you paying nothing once you show this to a few of your friends.

WAIT – and there is a way to start for free just to test the waters to see if any of this is for you.  See details at bottom of this post.



In Our Wealthy Affiliate Review We Reveal The Secrets that No One Talks About.

Okay – Here is list of the Top Secrets WA members are not telling others about – I think they want to keep this quiet so they can keep the competition down! I mean when you find a Gold Mine the last thing you want to do is to Share it with the World….. I can see why this is so HUSH.


Wealthy Affiliate Review
SECRET #1 – A Premium Keyword Research Tool is included in the membership at WA!

While writing our review we wanted to reveal as many benefits as we could. A premium keyword research tool similar to SECOCKPIT is marketed from $40 to $120/month. Take a look at this screen shot – you can see what they are charging for this Keyword Research Tool. 
Or you can go to SECOCKPIT.COM and look for yourself.

A premium keyword research tool like SECockpit goes from $28/month to $150/month.
The Premium WA Keyword Research Tool called Jaaxy is as good or better in my opinion and I have used both.

Other alternatives are:


SECRET #2 – Premium WordPress Hosting is Included

  • Full Redundancy is maintained to ensure nothing is ever lost or shut down
  • Daily backups
  • Quick and responsive support
  • Powerful servers providing service ready for a mass of visitors to your website.
  • The servers at Wealthy Affiliate are not only Secure and Powerful but when we asked if the servers are PCI compliant we received this answer:
    “We have and will always be PCI compliant. We take security and privacy very seriously as a corporation.”- What this means is that when building up your website to have a payment gateway that the Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is far above the normal hosting.
  • High Security against cyber attacks
  • The security is so high at Wealthy Affiliate that you do not need to add any extra security to your websites to keep them from getting hacked. Normally I would add a security plugin to keep my sites secure – but here at Wealthy Affiliate it is not needed allowing your website to operate at a very high speed.

Look what one of the owners of WA had to say when asked about the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting.

Our Hosting is State of the Art, High Quality, and is Setting Industry Standards.

We have never compromised quality for volume. We could offer a low quality service like shared hosts are offering, but we simply are not in the business of offering anything but what we KNOW to be the utmost quality.

To compare a $60-$100 per year hosting plan at HostGator or GoDaddy to that offered here at WA, is like comparing apples to oranges, or budget, low quality and highly insecure …to high quality, high performance, fully supported and maintained, and highly secure hosting (that you get here at WA).

There are companies that are offering a similar host quality that we are offering here to Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate and I think you are going to be surprised as to how much a service like this really costs.



At GoDaddy – where the servers are not as powerful

Up to 5 sites and packed with pro features.

As low as
On sale – Save 44%
$24.99/mo when you renew

Free SSL Certificate –1st year
5 websites
50 GB SSD storage
~800,000 monthly visitors

At SiteGround – considered one of the more powerful and reputable services.

SPECIAL PRICE$11.95/mo.Regular $34.95/mo.
  • Multiple Websites
  • 30GB Web Space
  • Suitable for ~ 100,000 Visits Monthly
  • Free SSL Certificate

The Wealthy Affiliate Hosting you get with your membership at WA

  • $49/month
  • Number of Websites = 50
  • Instant DNS Setup
  • Hosting Speed = Amazon c3.large (faster)
  • Website Space =30GB
  •  Bandwidth = 500K Visitors/month
  • SSL Certificates are FREE


If you look closely you will see that in both the examples above the hosting packages only give the discount when you first sign up and then it doubles or triples in price.  The hosting always has some restriction that will force you into the next higher and more expensive plan.  At their normal price these are $24.99/month or $34.95/month and you only get that price when you pay for a yearly plan.

For more details and a better comparison of hosting that is more comparable to the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting – Check out the >> WA Hosting Details <<


SECRET #3 – Domains can be purchased and maintained for a small flat fee right at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Simple and easy Domain Research
  • Whois Protection (Included – Normally a yearly fee at other registrars)
  • Domain Security (Included)
  • Advanced DNS (Included)
  • SSL Certificate (included)
  • ALL included for $13.99 flat fee << (No Wonder this is such a Secret)
  • Total SAVINGS is $28.64/year to over $100/year per Domain and probably much more << WOW!! (the savings adds up quickly when you have 2, 3, …10 different domains)

SECRET #4 – A Ton of extras are included with all your WordPress Sites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate

  • SiteBuilder – Software that helps make building and modifying websites easy
  • SiteContent – This software helps make your content visitor friendly.  It checks content for spelling, grammar and punctuation and that it is not duplicate content.
  • SiteSupport – All technical questions can be answered through a dedicated support center to help you build out your websites.
  • SiteComments – Allows you to use the Community to get comments to content posted on your website.
    • For SEO purposes Google sees this as Engagement + Traffic + New Content
    • Extremely Valuable for SEO
    • Increases Credibility of your site quickly
  • SiteFeedback – Get Critical feedback on your site from the experts!
    • Valuable insights from experts in the field who are making 6 and 7 figure incomes from building these types of websites.
    • Again this is Incredible Value.
    • You can get the kind of advice you need to build your affiliate website.


SECRET #5 – Meet the EXPERTS!

  • Really have conversations with people who are doing the walk and not just the talk.
  • Can have direct conversations with people who are successful in areas that you are having trouble.
  • A rating system is given in the community so that Experts are easily identifiable
  • If you need encouragement or you are stuck – someone will always have the answer.
  • This All Means – that you can easily follow the path to success that has been laid out by so many before you


SECRET #6 – The TRAINING Never Stops being developed.

  • Those in the community who are successful are encouraged to create training for the community.
  • You are given the ability to request specialized training where you are having trouble.
  • Are you curious about a technique or a type of marketing – there is probably someone in the community ready to create some training for you.
  • Private Coaching – you have the ability to reach out to experts to help you in your journey.
  • Live Chat – Get to know those who are like-minded and those who have answers.
  • Live Classes – Weekly training where new subjects are covered each week and you can ask your questions from the expert
  • Live Expert Help – Just ask for help and it can be there when you need it.


SECRET #7 – The Community is HUGE – and ever growing and full of success stories.

  • With 800,000+ members this community is attracting Success.
  • Many members have been in the community for over 10+ years
  • SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE are staying in WEALTHY AFFILIATE because it gives so much value.
  • It is Important to be around others who are like-minded and are having Success
  • You Need a Community of People to Move Forward and become more successful than you have ever dreamed.


SECRET #8 – Promoting Wealthy Affiliate to others is Easy and Fun.

  • It is not hard to tell others about something that you are enjoying and are seeing success using.
  • Once you have reached $100, $1000, or $10,000 in sales, it will be very easy to tell others about your own success. The great part is when others decide to join Wealthy Affiliate through you, you will get a nice payment from WA for every person who joins.
  • Success and Rewards lie ahead for all those bold enough to take hold of this opportunity.


REALLY (no joke)

  • Quality Training + Accountability + Action = SUCCESS
  • #1 reason people fail to make a successful business online is Confusion and Distractions
  • #2 reason people fail is feeling overwhelmed and NOT Taking Action – Getting STUCK – always giving up and moving onto something else.
  • By surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded individuals you are giving yourself a huge advantage over anyone who does not join.
  • 90% of people trying to start up a business online or trying to make money online fail
  • Of the 10% that have success only 4% will actually make a business that allows them to quit their jobs and run their own business using their marketing skills.
  • Let Wealthy Affiliate be a part of your success journey and please do not walk away from an opportunity that will most likely change your life.

SECRET #10 – IF you Join today – I will become your accountability partner.

  • If you get this and try it out – you will also be a part of my community.
  • I will help push you towards Success.
  • WA = Quality Training and mentor-ship
  • I will be your Accountability partner
  • I will help push you towards success
  • NEVER become STUCK again – Between Wealthy Affiliate, the WA community and myself you will be able to see progress and success
  • Taking ACTION is up to you. – Do this and you will never regret the decision.


But Wait – More on Wealthy Affiliate and how it Fails.

The GIANT WA FALLS SHORT for some – Why and How is that possible?

For some people WA does not work and they leave disappointed or just as confused as when they entered Wealthy Affiliate. WHY?

WHAT are the NEGATIVES about Wealthy Affiliate. Is it possible that there are some things wrong in the land of Online Entrepreneurs and Success? All is not 100% perfect as there are always flaws with everything – Since we are not perfect how could we expect Wealthy Affiliate to be perfect.

The strength of the Giant WA is also the Weakness of WA. Being such a Large site and Community produces its own set of problems – here is a list of some.

  1. With such a Huge community you can often hear many opinions on one topic. Sometimes it is hard to know who is getting it right.
  2. The activity level in WA is non-stop and can be a distraction in itself. You need to keep yourself focused and not allow yourself to be distracted by those around you.
  3. Your activity level on WA is ranked and that can be a distraction for some people. You need to have defined Goals and being the Top Ranked Member of WA may not the best use of your time.
  4. Due to the scope of the training, the number of courses and the amount of activity it can feel overwhelming and just about as confusing as everything else in the marketplace.
  5. Sometimes it is hard to find the information you are looking for and sometimes it is hard to know what is actually current.
  6. Some of the training on the site feels old and dated.
  7. Navigating the site and finding what you are looking for can feel difficult – the site can feel dated and not modern.
  8. The activities of others can at times interfere with your own progress
How can you avoid most these problems:
  • Have someone to guide you away from these pitfalls
  • Have an accountability partner who can help guide and push you forward towards your goals
  • Stay active within WA but still keep your eye on your goals
  • Follow the training and do the suggested Actions
  • Take Action and never stay stuck.

Although these problems happen to everyone it is how the individual deals with these problems that makes the difference.  These problems are in fact minor in comparison to the HUGE amount of value and the relationships that can be built within this community.

Those who succeed see these problems as a challenge, find a solution, take action and stay focused.

Those who fail allow these problems to overwhelm them, they get distracted, or stuck and continue to fail.

I am a big Fan of this community and all that it has to offer.
The Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary of Benefits
  • Training, Courses and Weekly live training’s – Value = $97 / month
  • Premium WordPress Hosting – Value = $39/month
  • Domain Registrar with SSL certificate, Premium DNS, Privacy Protection for a flat fee – $29/month
  • Keyword Tool – Value = $39/month
  • Website Builder & Extras – Value = $29/month
  • Includes Website Comments and Feedback. Using just these features of WA you are getting over $200.00 in value. How can you possibly lose?
  • Add on the Community and all that it offers – you are looking at huge value.

TRY WEALTHY AFFILIATE FOR FREE see below for all the details.

  • With a FREE Wealthy Affiliate Membership you get the following
    • A lifetime worth of the Starter membership
    • Free 7 day premium membership Trial
    • 2 free websites (you create yourself) with all free memberships
    • 59% first month discount on the Premium Membership
      • Host 25 domains at no additional charge + 25 free SiteRubix sites
      • live weekly classes
      • custom classes
      • continual stream of new training materials
      • Keyword Research Tool
      • Website SEO tools and feedback
      • and a much more


My BONUS if you subscribe to my list and join WA – Only 100 spots are available

    • The MOST Important “ONLINE BUSINESS GUIDE” that anyone could give you, I wish someone had given me this before I even started trying to build my business online.THE SEVEN STEPS TO SUCCESS ONLINE
    • I will be your accountability partner within WA and will give guidance to keep you moving forward


    • You will be able to join a private Facebook group where you can get extra help with your online journey.
    • Be a part of a private membership site and you will be given  FREE ACCESS, which will bring you all kinds of information and benefits.

SO Take Action Today – Don’t Waste Time and start you Journey to Success today.


If you have any question feel free to contact us here at Growing Affiliate.


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