How Do You Begin Building Your Dream Online?

Building Your Dreams Online Can Be Your Reality.
  • Is any of this really possible?
  • Is this some kind of a hoax?
  • What is this guy trying to sell?

I know you see these kinds of promises constantly and you know there is a catch – a scheme to get you into something to take your money.

You only continue reading because you are curious as to what the crazy offer will be. We all know the old saying “If it is too good to be true – then it probably is not true.” I know I get it. I would say in most cases you are totally right, but in this instance I would challenge you to keep an open mind and be aware that this is not a fantasy because many have blazed this trail and are now living their dream. How do I know this – and how can you believe me. I will tell you a way that you can verify all of this and you can do it all for free.

WAIT – I am getting ahead of myself.

Who am I – I am just another person just like you. I have not reached my dream yet – but I know it is mine for the taking. I am convinced of it.

Here is the kicker that drives me. I am involved in this one program where it contains a whole community of people all trying to build an online business. There is one particular fellow there that I have met as we both joined at about the same time. The difference between him and me is that he never wavered in his activities – he continues to grow his business daily.

I took the other route of disbelief and allowed distractions and seeking better opportunities to sway me from keeping focused and working on a single project.

Fast forward to today – I am basically still working hard trying to build my online business. I have had some success but I am not anywhere near to the place that I want to be. Now that other fellow I mentioned – He is today making over $1000/day running his online businesses from home. You read that correctly – he was telling me how he enjoys sitting on His couch and checking in on his daily earnings. No he is not having to meet crazy deadlines or having to deal with demanding customers. He really is enjoying taking trips with his family while putting in a few hours of work a day – as he says he is living his dream.

Now how long ago was this you may ask. It all started about 16 months ago when we both joined this community of entrepreneurs. YOU READ IT CORRECTLY – IT TOOK HIM JUST OVER 1 YEAR and he was earning over $1000 per day. I said WOW – and now I am trying to get to where others have gone and you should too.

(Disclaimer – No One can promise you that you can replicate what others have done because it does take hard work and consistency to make this work. It really is upon you to do the work – But the shear volume of success stories indicates that this is all real)

I will tell you later about how you can check out everything I am saying is true and not fabricated.

The point is after hearing about his success and seeing and hearing about so many success stories it is hard not to be convinced that this is the real deal. So that is how I got here today.


Without any further delay let us get into the 10 Steps to Building your dream

STEP 1 – Building a Mindset for SUCCESS

What Are Your Dreams – Defining Your DESIRE

Rising To The Adventure

Really put some effort into coming up with what your dream consists of. You need to write this down somewhere and print it off so it is visible and in front of you every day.

My dream is to have the freedom and the income to only work online. That this online business would generate enough income to take my family on several trips yearly. It would allow us the opportunity to live anywhere in the world, to experience different cultures and give us the opportunity to help the less fortunate.

What is your dream, what is your WHY for creating an online business. What would you do if you had that dream business that afforded you the luxury of having whatever you would like?

Where Are You Today – Defining Your WHY

Maybe you are happy with everything in your life – maybe your work is rewarding and you are not looking for anything more. Then you are blessed and you should enjoy everything you have earned.

For the majority of us we realize that we need to do more – to get ourselves into a better financial position to stay on top of life.

Some of us have lost jobs or have physical problems that make working a regular job very difficult, or outright impossible. Whatever the reason we find ourselves in a position that requires a change.

We need to find a way of making more money than we are currently and we need something that we can count on working.  We don’t have time to waste because we can feel the financial pressures and our family is depending on us to provide for their growing needs.


What You Will Need To Get Started Online

You will need the following for working online:

  • You need Desire for a great opportunity +
  • You need to have a computer to work online +
  • You need a high speed internet connection +
  • You need at least an hour or two of time a day+
  • You need a little cash to invest into this venture +
  • You need to be willing to learn +
  • You need to stay focused and do the work.

Knowing The Difference Between Dreaming And What Is Real

Now we have established where we need to be before we start we need to discover our frame of mind. This might be the most important part of all before pursuing any venture. You must be convinced that this online business will work for you

Whatever it takes you must have the right mind set that you can and will be successful at this.

I would suggest joining this community of adventurers and see what the possibilities are. I know I wanted to save this to the end but perhaps you need convincing. Now don’t get me wrong there are other opportunities out there and you can read about them on some of my other posts – But you really need to be convinced that if you really put in the work and follow the program you will have success

The community and program is called Wealthy Affiliate. You have probably read about this in other areas of this website or from other searches you have done online. What you receive at Wealthy Affiliate really is packed with value and there is not much out there that compares to it.

Whatever Program – Whatever Training – Whatever Community you join – Please be convinced 100% that the program works. That there are not a ton of hidden costs and that there will be ongoing support for you every step of the way.

 Go To My Wealthy Affiliate Review for more information.

If you join Wealthy Affiliate please do the following:

  1. Do a search for “Success Stories”
  2. Send Messages to successful people and ask questions
  3. Ask question of the community
  4. Convince yourself of how real this program is and the success that awaits you

You MUST have the right mindset that this process will work – That if you follow the process and complete this work you will have a successful business.

No matter what program or system you choose you must be 100% convinced that the system will work.

Taking that mindset you can do anything. With that energy you can get more done and when the work seems too difficult you will have the motivation to reach out and find the help you need. You will have failures and things will seem slow at first, but as you apply what you are taught you will begin to see success.


What we have covered so far is:

  1. What your Goal is – Developing the WHY you are doing this.
  2. What you need to start working online
  3. The mindset needed for being successful



STEP 2 – Find A Program
That Can Lead You Through The Process

Again we have covered much of this but it is so important to be in a program that can support you as you learn. When you get stuck you must have a way to keep yourself moving forward. The most important part here is that you are continually taking action and getting things done.

Most of you know that the internet is full of scams and people out there trying to take your hard earned money. There are all kinds of people selling the no work, easy success method that so many try and most often fail. There is no magic push the button, and out comes the money process, they all take work.

When trying to decide on a program or training you should put it up against a set of tests. Here are mine.

  • Are the Authors of the product reputable?
  • Have they got proof that the system works?
  • Is there a free trial so you can see how the system works?
  • How long has the system been working?
  • What are the reviews on the product?
  • What are the guarantees?
  • What type of support do they give?
  • How expensive is the product?
  • What do I need to make this system work?
  • What are the hidden costs?
  • Will I be comfortable following this system?


STEP 3 – Knowing the cost of building your online business

What are the costs involved for building your online business?

No matter what program you have decided upon – You need to Pick ONE and only ONE to work on.

Do not try doing 2 or 3 programs – because some marketer is trying to convince you this is the opportunity that you MUST have today.

1 Program – 1 Focus – 1 Strategy – We will say that costs $99 to $2000

Next you need to build your Home Base for your business. This will be your website. I know there are business models that claim that you do not need a website – but in today’s world there is no business that can be successful online without a good website.

You may need to buy a quality theme (or pay a developer) – $99

We will say we will use a Free theme to begin our journey.

You will need to register a Domain to build you website. – $15

You will need a quality hosting package – they start at around $30 per month. You can opt for less expensive hosting but they will ultimately impact your success. Think of this as picking your location for a physical business. Do you want your business in a well established business community or off the beaten path in a poor neighborhood?

Quality Hosting – starts at $30/month * 12 = $360

You will need an Autoresponder – this is used for collecting emails and building your email list.

We can start with an autoresponder called Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp is great when you are first starting out because it is free until you hit 2000 subscribers.

AutoResponder – MailChimp is free to start

Keyword research tool – A paid version would be helpful but we can get by using only the Google Research Tool. FREE

Competition Tools – Needed for understanding our competition and what we need to rank our website. We can use some very expensive tool like Ahrefs which does have a limited Free version.

Coaching – Mentorship – A community of like minds

Some programs have a community as part of their program but not many are very active or helpful. Support is normally limited to a weekly or monthly webinars that can be helpful. True one on one coaching usually starts at $500 and goes up from there. It can cost thousands to be in a true coaching or mentorship program.

(because of cost we will say that we must exclude the coaching)

That is our bare bones needed to get started. We are looking at a startup cost of about $600 for the first year. So in getting started I would say you can expect to spend $1000 to $2000 for your first year of startup.

Now here is the crazy part – you can start right now and have all of these building blocks for your business included in a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

I do not know of anywhere on the internet that such and offer exists. It sounds a little crazy but it is all true. 

You can check out my >> Wealthy Affiliate Review << and see for yourself what they offer. The free offer includes basic training + hosting + domain + some research tools. It has everything for you to start building an online business.


Step 4 – Gather the tools needed for building online

We will recap our items essential for building most online businesses

  • Training – We need to purchase our training
  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • WordPress Theme
  • Autoresponder
  • Keyword research Tool
  • Competition tools
  • Tools specific to your chosen program and training

Step 5 – Begin following the plan and start building your business

We are now ready as we have begin building our business. This is where the work begins and you will see what you are capable of doing yourself. At the beginning it is hard and you will need to look for inspiration from different areas of your life.

You need to review your reasons WHY and read your dream to yourself every morning so you can not let yourself get stuck.

Remember that your business can only grow as you take action.

Staying busy – Learning – Picking a Domain Name – Finding a Logo – these are NOT productive activities.

You must continue to do the activities that are going to push your business forward.

Depending on the type of program and marketing you must stay focused on what matters most in building your online business.

  • In the case of building a Blog – You must learn to produce Content that is valuable and be consistent with your content building.
  • To build a Social presence you must be active on that social network and be interacting with people every day.
  • In the case of Local Marketing you must be contacting businesses and getting your offers out in front of businesses every day.

Step 6 – Stay Focused on ONE plan and Do NOT Get Distracted.

Life has a way of throwing you curve balls. The work that you are doing can feel tedious and of little value, confusing or difficult. When things are not moving forward like we expect we often look around at other opportunities and that is a BIG mistake

When we start doubting ourselves, the program or our abilities to do the work, we start looking for an easier way.

Please STOP yourself from getting distracted.

Stay determined and review all your reasons for doing this and stick it out.

Check the length of time and effort you have put in and give it an honest evaluation.

The 2 biggest killers of building a business online are Distractions and the state of being scared or unsure and seeking out more to Learn.

Distractions can be just about anything that gets your attention away from what you know you should be doing. Often times it is other offers of the easy way to make money, sometimes it is just demands of making a living. Whatever it is you need to re-focus and get back to the program.

The other cause is being unsure or worried about not doing things correctly so you seek out more information or lessons on the subject. You convince yourself that you must learn more before you do anything. You spend all your time trying to learn it “ALL” first! Nobody can learn it all and it is always changing so you can never really catch up.

Stay focused on one method on one program on one strategy and the other is take Imperfect Action. Better to take action and fail then to just spend all your time learning. You will learn more from taking action than any course could possibly explain.


Step 7 – Be consistent and keep building your business.

Now that you are here you are taking action, but you are not seeing results yet. This is the time to intensify your efforts and do more than before. It is at this point when you can see things starting to take form that you need to do as much as possible.

When you get your first few sales and you can see things starting to work you are ready for the next step >>  Growing your business.


Step 8 – As your business begins to produce results you must take steps to grow

Now that you can begin to see what is working you need to write down different processes that you use in your business. If you have the finances this is the time to hire a virtual assistant (VA) to help you expand your business. At this point you can start working less in your business and more on it. That means the things that you are now doing that you do not like or find difficult, you can have someone else do them for you.

As you build your team you can grow your business faster and more efficiently.

Step 9 – SUCCESS

We have arrived – we have built a successful online business that is bringing in a good revenue. You can now just enjoy this for a time until you decide you want to do more.

If you are ready to do more and have more challenges then you are ready for step 10.


STEP 10 – Repeat the process and do it again.

You can find a new niche and start over in this niche or you can try a new program a new strategy a new method. Basically the world is at your feet and you can chose your path without pressure or fear of failure.

That is the 10 Steps To Building Your Dream Online.

The Keys here are:

  • Stay Focused on ONE program or process
  • Stay Motivated and Take Action every day.

To your success

Reach out if you have any questions

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